The estate would be named after the Figeacus family who, in the 2nd century, settled where the actual Château is. The estate's history started in the 15th century. Several owners succeeded each other and some of them sold plots which are now part of the Cheval Blanc vineyard.In 1892, the estate became the Manoncourt family’s property. Thierry Manoncourt, forerunner of the vineyard scientific approach, is behind the creation of the Figeac style. Figeac was classified “B” as Premier Grand Cru in Saint-Emilion appellation.

1st youth

The wine's first expression. The wine is in its youth, supple and open, easy to drink.


The wine's second expression. The wine is in its adult stage, still flourishing.


The wine's third expression. It is at the top, gaining in depth, it reaches its zenith.


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